Outboard Boat Engine Ignition and Electrical System Products


Need ignition and electrical parts for your outboard boat motor? Look no further – we offer a wide range of refurbished ignition and electrical parts. All parts are inspected and professionally refurbished. You can rest assured that the ignition and electrical components we provide will ensure smooth operation for many years to come. Plus, you’ll be able to save money by choosing our high quality refurbished ignition and electrical parts! Our refurbished outboard boat motor parts ship the next business day.


The flywheels for outboard boat engines you find below are as clean as you’ll ever see. We soda blast the bore on every flywheel to ensure that it is undamaged and rust free. We carefully inspect the teeth to ensure each one is in perfect working condition. Older flywheels, particularly from Johnson and Evinrude outboards, are fully soda blasted to provide a finished product that will look as good as new, if not better.

Switchboxes, Power Packs, CDI, EMM, CDM

While there is very little that we or anyone else can do to test the parts in this category, we are one of the few places in the country that offer a 100% working warranty for each and every one of these products. Shop and purchase our refurbished outboard engine parts with confidence.


We carry a large and continually growing inventory of stators that have been tested, inspected for damage, and are sold as ready to install on your outboard boat engine.


We carry many triggers and timer bases that have been tested, inspected for damage, and are sold as ready to install on your outboard engine.


We have thousands of coils in stock. Every coil has been fully tested, inspected for damage, and is ready for use.

Ignition Plates

Ignition Plates are sold as pictured. At a minimum, each plate will have cleaned points, and you will receive it free of grease and dirt.

Electric Starters

Starters are tested on engines to ensure that each is in perfect working condition. We clean all dirt and grease off and check to make sure that they work smoothly, with no whining. Each starter we sell comes with a minimum 14 day working warranty.

Recoil Starters

Recoils are tested, cleaned, and inspected for damage. We ensure that each works and has a strong spring to recoil, that the rope is undamaged, and that the part you receive is ready to install.

Rectifiers & Regulators

Most rectifiers and regulators are untestable at the shop level, by us or anyone else. When you purchase, rest assured that you have a minimum of 14 days to ensure that the part you receive is in perfect working condition.


Distributors are carefully removed and disassembled for inspection. We only sell distributors with undamaged wiring and cleaned internals. As with all of our parts, there is a minimum warranty on each and every part we sell.


Wiring Harness & Motor Cables