New and Refurbished Boat Engine Powerheads and Parts


An outboard boat engine powerhead is essentially the heart of a boat’s motor — without it, you don’t have any propulsion. If your outboard boat motor has broken down and needs a new powerhead, we stock both new and refurbished boat engine powerheads. Refurbished outboard boat engine powerheads are professionally checked and tested for quality assurance so you can be sure that you are getting a reliable powerhead that is cost-effective and also good for the environment. We ship our boat engine parts the next business day so you can get back on the water fast!

Complete Powerheads

We sell freshwater powerheads which have been tested, inspected, and cleaned. These are generally sold as bolt and go parts. We also carry a growing line of rebuildable powerheads, where you can use your own internal parts and build to your own specifications.


Every crankshaft is disassembled, fully polished, and checked with a micrometer to be within specs. With a growing inventory of crankshafts, we produce some of the finest replacement crankshafts available today.

Connecting Rods

Each connecting rod is soda blasted and polished in a centrifugal polisher. The bearing surfaces are polished out so you receive a fully inspected part with flawless bearing surfaces that will look and work like new.


We’ve taken the guesswork out of used pistons! Pistons are soda blasted to remove all carbon. Next, we polish each one in a centrifugal polisher in order to leave the same excellent, high gloss finish as one you would receive from the factory. You will not find cleaner used pistons anywhere!


Bearings are centrifugally polished to ensure that they are sold and received in absolutely flawless working condition.

Cylinder Heads & Covers

Every Cylinder head cover is soda blasted in to remove all carbon and gasket material. This provides both us and you with a clean, inspectable surface. Heads are discarded if they are warped, have excessive damage, or have had a helicoil installed.

Upper & Lower End Caps

End caps are sold free of dirt and grease. If the paint is not in excellent condition, they are soda blasted to provide the best surface for both inspection and future use.